TRUSTEES from Disabled On Line have announced the decision to close the Cyber Cafe in Church Walk after serving the disabled community in Trowbridge for the past 19 years.

The Cyber Cafe which aims to improve the lives of those with disabilities by offering a place for them to access adapted computers has not received sufficient funding to keep the cafe open.

Trustee and company sectary Peter Barnett said: “The Trustees of the Cyber Cafe are sorry to announce the imminent closure of the Cyber Café in Church Walk, Trowbridge.

“We are a local charity that has been self-funded now for over 19 years by the generous support of a number of trusts and foundations.

“Sadly, we can no longer meet our costs, our Charity has no regional, national or local government support network.

“It is a very sad day and it is such a shame that it is the vulnerable people who take the biggest hit when it comes to funding.

“We have approached Trowbridge town council, the area board and community foundation and none are able to help us.

“We have not been able to gain the core support needed to sustain our service which has ultimately led to this difficult decision to close.

“If any business or organisations can come forward we may be able to save the cafe, but this is our last plea for help.”

The Cyber Cafe was set up to serve those with special needs and disabilities in Trowbridge at no burden on the local tax payer.

The service has provided specially adapted IT equipment and staffed support in a welcoming and secure café style environment.

It first opened in Trowbridge in June 2000 and the charitable company Disabled On Line Limited was formed in January 2004 and was granted charitable status in March 2004.

Mr Barnett added: “We have been giving those without a voice an opportunity through IT provision to engage in the wider world of internet services that most of us take for granted.

“Our users have enjoyed IT support connecting with on line business services, shopping, emailing or just simply enjoying multimedia.

“Trowbridge and our many users should be proud that such a unique service was available in Trowbridge for over 19 years to support our most needy adults, but sadly this group do not get the support recognition and the service gap will now have to be filled.”

If your business or organisation is able to offer any funding for Disabled On Line please contact Mr Barnett by email at