OVER 100 people including children, parents, carers and grandparents attended the Palm Sunday service at St James’ Church in Trowbridge.

Donkeys George and Ronald led the procession around the church building and were very popular. After the service all the guests had a tea party including the donkeys, who had no difficulties in eating all the carrots given to them.

Rector of Trowbridge Rev Rob Thomas said: “The day has been a wonderful answer to prayer.

“As Frosty the donkey couldn’t come, and we couldn’t let the children down, we prayed for the Lord to send us a donkey and, thanks to the generosity of Michaela we had two beautiful young ones, to the delight of all the families who came.”

Donkeys are a traditional part of Palm Sunday services - their classic crucifix marking on their back and shoulders supposedly honours the fact that Jesus rode a donkey in triumph into Jerusalem.