VALERIE Priddey, who was also known by the name Valerie Dodd from her previous marriage, died on March 25, aged 70.

Mrs Priddey went to City of Bath Girls School and lived in North Bradley with her parents during the 60s.

She married Ernest Priddey in 1984 in Trowbridge and they lived in Waterworks Road in Trowbridge throughout their married life.

The couple met at work while working for the NHS at St Martins Hospital in Bath in 1982.

Valerie worked for the NHS for many years before taking early retirement in 2002 due to her poor health.

Amongst other things Mrs Priddey spent some of her time with Trudy Stanley for The Castle Carnival Club dress making and making costumes.

Her husband was also part of The Castle Carnival Club and they took part in quite a few of the big carnivals around the West including Bridgwater.

Mrs Priddey joined the Lyra Tap Dancing group and danced in shows and also proved to have a very good singing voice.

She was the co-founder of community group Starry Eyes Performance Foundation, based in Trowbridge, 19 years ago and was a trustee for the Imperial Charity, based in Westbury, for many years.

Mrs Priddey never had children of her own but she had a very large extended family through her involvement with Starry Eyes.

She was like a real mother hen to everybody and helped many children, young people and older people.

Former Starry Eyes members who formed a boy band known and remembered by many as The Longfield Boys were due to carry her coffin into church for her funeral service.

In 1999 Mrs Priddey became a member of Trowbridge Carnival committee where she teamed up with Sally Boyle to resurrect the Carnival Talent Show.

In the year 2000, supported by the Trowbridge Carnival Committee and the Trowbridge Town Council, they staged the first of many Starry Eyes shows.

The shows attracted so many people that they started up The Starry Eyes initiative, providing performance classes and clubs at the Longfield community centre, Trowbridge, including DJ, singing and dance classes.

The Starry Eye’s Performance Foundation became a recognised and popular community group around Wiltshire and beyond, frequently performing at events in Trowbridge and in other towns giving the chance for local youngsters to shine on stage.

Mrs Priddey’s funeral service was due to be held yesterday (Thursday, April 18) at West Wilts Crematorium, Semington at 3.15pm.