A NEW Facebook group has been created which tackles loneliness and isolation in Trowbridge and the surrounding areas by encouraging people to meet others with similar interests.

Buddy Me was set up last week by Westbury woman Bex Jones and already has over 300 members looking to make friends in the community.

Miss Jones said: “On a Friday evening I noticed several facebook posts on Spotted pages from people who felt dreadfully lonely.

“But what really struck me was the hundreds of resposes from others who felt the same way. I though that this was something I could and should do something about.

“It took me a matter of 20 minutes to set up a Facebook group, I thought it might get to about 30 or 40 people, but within 24 hours there was 100 members on the page.

“The page is for people in and around Trowbridge who want to make friends. It is a forum for people to get to know each other in a safe, compassionate space, free from judgement and prejudice.

“I also arrange a variety of fun meets for people to get to know each other in person. It is led by the group for the group and every action on the page is done only in the interests of it’s members, in response to their requests and needs.

“Many members are massively impacted by issues like anxiety, but this page is giving them the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone and start to enjoy their social lives again.

“My hopes are that we will be able to use our ‘Buddy powers’ to do more good in the community.”

To join the group, please search for Buddy Me on Facebook.