GROUPS of people who have been seen drinking alcohol in Westbury Gardens in Bradford on Avon are become a concern for the town and the council.

Many locals have taken to social media in search for a way of stopping the behaviour which has been described as damaging to the town.

Janet Jury who lives opposite the gardens has reported the issue to police on previous occasions.

She said: “They are shouting and careering all over the park. Hiding bottles in alleyways and coming along Church Street with cans of beer in their hands.

“This has to stop. It is ruining our town big time.

“The councillors know about this and will not pass a by law, this why they come on a train from Trowbridge because they cannot do it in their park.”

Some of the locals who live in the town have suggested an alcohol ban is put in place and having a traffic warden patrol the area.

Miche Rose said: “An alcohol ban in town centre is an option.

“That only pushes it somewhere else and this isn’t just a local issue.

Leigh Vaughan said: “I think a public warden could be used, expand the role of the traffic warden?

“Either way the local authority are not addressing the issue. I see the frustration.”

Mayor of Bradford on Avon, Councillor Alex Kay said: “We are talking to local authorities and to residents themselves. We are taking the time to come to a solution, with tolerance and understanding.

“It’s not just a case of banning alcohol, as the problem will get pushed somewhere else. We are looking into a range of measures, to support all those involved.”