PARENTS and town councillors are continuing the fight to keep local childrens centres open after Wiltshire Council proposed to close six centres across the county.

The childrens select committee this week agreed as a group that they were satisfied with the recommendation of a report that closing the centres is the only viable course of action that could be taken.

Their views will now go to Wiltshire Council before a final decision is made at a cabinet meeting on April 30.

Regular users of the Westbury White Horse Centre as well as town councillors have now challenged the committee’s decision by producing a report which outlines concerns with the proposal.

Nadine Crook, from Warminster, says the facility on the Eden Vale Road provides a vital help and advisory service to local mums and helps to stop them from social isolation, especially as it is used by parents in both Westbury and Warminster where there is no centre.

She said: “The select committee signed off the report as a group but this was based on key information that was incorrect.

“Now myself along with Wiltshire Councillor Gordon King, Councillor Ian Cunningham and Councillor Mike Sutton have sent a report asking that this is considered and that the group gives a formal response.

“Soon, there will be no children’s centres left in south Wiltshire.

“It is going to leave a lot of families feeling isolated.”

One of the points made in Mrs Crook’s submission is: “The report stated ‘The centres being decommissioned are in the less deprived areas’. This is incorrect.

“Three of the six proposed closures, including the White Horse Children’s Centre, are within the 12 most deprived areas in Wiltshire.

“The White Horse Children’s Centre offers an opportunity to support a high number of families.”

Wiltshire Council says it can make savings of £250,000 by closing centres at Westbury White Horse, Trowbridge Longfield, Mere, Salisbury City, Pewsey and Cricklade.

It plans to continue providing children’s services from community hubs such as libraries, nurseries and gyms.

Mrs Crook is also gathering signatures for a petition opposing the closures, which will be presented at the cabinet meeting.

To sign the petition, visit