A FAMILY whose son was born 10 weeks prematurely have raised money at the Rowde Tractor Day on Saturday.

Megan Orrell of Hilperton and her children Ruby, 7 and Oscar, 4 raised money on the day from tractor rides and stalls after Oscar spent the first seven weeks of his life on the ward.

Miss Orrell said: "My partner Justin is one of the organisers for the tractor day and we decided to make the neonatal unit one of our chosen charities for this year's event.

"If it wasn't for the ward Oscar would not be here today, so it is great to be able to give something back.

"We are aware of how much money it must cost the NHS to keep this running.

"The money is still being totalled up but we think we raised a good amount.

"Last year it was really hot but it was a bit cooler this year, but we still had a really great turn out.

"Oscar is becoming tractor crazy just like his dad."