GRAFFITI and vandalism in the multi-storey car park in Trowbridge which has been left for months is a cause of concern for a local councillor.

Councillor Andrew Bryant has been campaigning for the car park to be repaired since the vandalism took place but feels he has not been listened to by Wiltshire Council who say they cannot afford to remove graffiti as there is no profit in the car park.

A covenant which stops Wiltshire Council from implementing charges there means no money is being made from the car park, making the council reluctant to spend money on it.

Cllr Bryant said: “There is never a shortage of money for the countless award ceremonies and other events hosted at County Hall.

“Meanwhile, one of the key footfall locations in Trowbridge, the county town, is allowed to fall further into disrepair, without even a cursory lick of paint.

“It’s no coincidence that Wiltshire Council is in the process of selling the car park and that a private firm will be implementing charges.

“Wiltshire Council is simply asset stripping without a shred of regard for public amenity and public safety.

“I have raised objections to Wiltshire Council’s ambivalence on several occasions, with a Wiltshire Council representative stating last September that action would be taken soon.

“However, this has failed to materialise. I have now lodged a further report to Wiltshire Council.”

Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for highways said: “Regardless of whether the car park generates income or not, it is cleaned regularly like any other car park, with costs covered by other income or expenditure.

“Vandalism and graffiti should be reported to the council through its MyWiltshire system so it can be formally logged and then put forward for consideration for our team. In addition to this service, the council operates a Sparkle Day scheme and if the town council identifies the car park as their priority area for additional cleaning, we would be pleased to allocate resources to tidy it up.

“This would include: graffiti removal, manual sweeping, litter collection etc, but this is a decision for the town council to make.”