PEOPLE discovered what makes Seend so special on Wednesday.

They attended a talk at Melksham Library during the morning and then went on a guided tour of the village during the afternoon.

The History Revealed: Seend event was organised by the Swindon & Wiltshire History Centre in Chippenham as part of Local History Month in May.

It included the guided field visit to look at Seend’s architectural history and heritage.

Julie Davis, the centre’s local studies librarian, talked visitors through a wealth of local history resources.

They included archival documents, maps, archaeology and additional resources about local people and places of interest.

Mrs Davis said: “Seend was at the heart of a lot of communication routes, including turnpike roads, the canal and the railway.

“It was obviously a very important place in its time,” she told people who had all booked to enjoy the talk and tour.