PLANS to bring in a 20mph zone in parts of a Melksham housing estate which has been plagued by speeding boy racers are being implemented by Wiltshire Council.

It proposes to bring in the speed limit on Coronation Road from a point 26 metres away from its junction with Spa Road to its junction with Pembroke Road.

The new zone would also cover the complete lengths of Byron Close, Lambourne Crescent, Martigny Road, Milton Avenue, Pembroke Road, Rowley Place, Ruskin Avenue, Sangster Avenue, Somerset Crescent, Thackeray Crescent, Wessex Close and Williams Close.

The move represents a victory for town councillors Kathy Iles and Jon Hubbard, and local residents who fought for the past two years for a lower speed limit.

They called for the introduction of the 20mph zone following concerns about ‘boy racers’ speeding along narrow residential roads on the estate.

Mrs Iles said: “I am very pleased. I have lived there for 16 years and it really does need for something to be done.

“Hopefully, a 20mph zone will provoke people into thinking about the safety of families, children and dogs.

“Nobody is in so much of a hurry that they need to be doing more than 20mph on a housing estate.”

Her neighbour, Michael Bryant, added: “The noise from the traffic going up and down the road is excruciating. You can tell when they drop down a gear and then boot it.

“I don’t know if a 20mph speed limit is going to make any difference but hopefully it will.”

Cllr Hubbard and Cllr Iles urged Melksham Town Council to part-fund the introduction of a 20mph limit when they launched their campaign for the 20mph zone last July.

Cllr Iles said Coronation Road is used by some drivers as a cut through between Spa Road and Sandridge Road.

She added: “I live in Coronation Road and I have seen drivers speeding along at 60-70mph. It is not a long street and it has a bend and has cars parked on either side.

“I know that some drivers will ignore the new speed limit if and when it is introduced but I am hoping it will make them think.”

Residents have until next Monday May 13 to comment on the proposals.

Submissions should be sent to Wiltshire Council in writing or by the council’s website quoting reference LJB/TRO/MELK20.