A resident has called for Wiltshire Council to issue a compulsory repair notice on 3 High Street in Warminster.

Len Turner says if Wiltshire Council issues a repair notice, and the owner fails to comply, then Wiltshire Council can itself carry out repairs.

He said: “Historic England would look sympathetically on a grant application to reimburse the cost of the work.”

The long-standing access scaffolding on the front of the building has created an eyesore that affects the historic St Laurence Chapel next door.

Four years ago, Michael Heaton, launched a petition, which was supported by 258 people, urging Wiltshire Council to take enforcement action.

He said: “The building is self-evidently in a dangerous condition, because there is a sign on it stating that.”

“Wiltshire Council has legal authority to serve an enforcement notice for repairs, or to undertake the work itself and surcharge the owners, or to serve a compulsory purchase order if the cost of the works exceed the value of the building.”