A YOUNG pupil at a Westbury school is to celebrate his 11th birthday in style with a ‘stay awake’ marathon for charity.

Leighton Dyer has invited around 38 of his classmates at Westbury Leigh Primary School to stay up all night at the Leigh Park Community Centre.

The youngsters plan to play games and other activities overnight on Thursday and Friday May 16 and 17.

The sponsored stay awake is being staged to celebrate his birthday and to raise funds for the charity Asthma UK.

His mum, Amey Dyer, 32, said: “It was Leighton’s idea. He suffers from asthma and he chose the charity.”

The youngster, who lives in Leigh Park, Westbury, first thought of the novel way to celebrate his birthday six months ago.

As it is for a good cause, the Leigh Park Community Centre has offered its facilities free of charge.

Mrs Dyer said she and her husband Russell, 36, will be supervising the children in a series of fun activities.

“We have devised numerous games for the boys and girls to play. We’re going to try and keep them all awake.

“We’re going to split them up into five different teams and there will be points awarded for each game throughout the night.

“These will be added up at the end and the winning team will get a prize, but we have decided exactly what yet.”

The games will include a cling film wrap, what’s in the balloons, a photo scavenger hunt, truth or dare questions, and a do-nut game, and giant board game, including Jenga and Twister, Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4.

Mrs Dyer added: “Leighton and his friends normally stay up to about 5.30am when they are having sleepovers, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult.

“They’ve been doing their SATS at school all week, so I’m expecting them to have a lot of energy to burn off.”

The family is hoping the celebration will raise more than £5,000 for Asthma UK, which helps asthma sufferers all over the country.

But Leighton’s little brother, Maddox, 5, won’t be joining all the fun. He’ll be staying with his granddad, Ray Dyer, who is also celebrating his birthday on Saturday May 17.

To donate to Leighton’s fundraising campaign, go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/leightondyer