ARTISTS Fiona Campbell and Katryn Saqui are inviting the Trowbridge community to help make a growing artwork for the exterior fencing outside Town Hall Arts on Saturday, May 25 from 12 noon-1pm. 

The public are welcome to join in and contribute to the work, which relates to the artists’ respective solo exhibitions in the main gallery and basement Cells of Town Hall Arts.  Between 1-2pm, they will be present to have conversations about their work in situ.

Fiona Campbell’s current exhibition ‘Offenders’ is the culmination of her residency in the Cells during April.  Her sculptural installations confront environmental exploitation, fragile boundaries and life’s interconnections. 

Flesh, organs, waste, violence: a huge sculptural tongue, fragile and exposed, activates its space. Tongue is like a big wounded body, a vulnerable softness juxtaposed against the hardness of its prop, repulsive but seductive. 

‘Offenders’ may offend but more importantly, Fiona hopes it raises questions - are we all offenders given the state of our world today?  Recycled and found materials are transformed into drawings in space, related to the issue of waste, our relationship with matter, nature, and ourselves. 

Fiona said: “My work is a response to the horrors that we are facing - our plastic oceans, factory-farming, animal extinctions. The labour-intensive process of my work - weaving, wrapping, sewing - is a form of suturing, a cathartic attempt to repair in response to world destruction. 

Katryn Saqui’s eye-opening exhibition relates to those living with dementia.  Her work brings together a selection of photography, film, sculpture and soundscape, co-produced by Artist Katryn Saqui, Hella Tappe Pearce who is living with a form of dementia, her family members and Music Facilitator Livia Sevier.

Presenting Hella’s voice and daily actions as creative happenings, the exhibition shows how these were embedded into her daily life, and how they enhanced the well-being of all involved. 

Katryn said: “We will both be engaging the public in creativity and conversations about matters that affect us all.”

Come and be part of the interactive event making ‘Bahuli Entrails’, have some fun, see the work and have a chat with the artists!

The exhibitions are free to visit. They run until May 31 at Town Hall Arts, Market Street, Trowbridge. It is open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm.

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