NEW traffic lights at a busy five-way junction in Chippenham are causing long delays, the town council has heard.

They replaced a mini roundabout at the top of New Road with the aim of improving traffic flow, but townspeople are unhappy because long queues have built up and there is frustration at the lack of a right turn from Foundry Lane into Langley Road.

Cllr Peter Bishop said: “This major redesign should have brought about an improvement to traffic flow, but it has made things worse at peak periods.

“It seems that when more than three cars need to turn right towards the Aldi store the whole junction grinds to a halt.”

Tom Jacques of the Chamber of Commerce said Highways needed a strategic approach to traffic in Chippenham rather than “fiddling around the edges.”

He said there needed to be a review of the traffic that passes around and through the town as it increases in size.

Cllr Murry said he was very concerned that the traffic lights have worsened rather than alleviated traffic congestion on the rotary and around the town centre.

He said: "It’s essential this is remedied as soon as possible."

Rex Ball from Chippenham said the tailbacks in Park Lane was causing added pollution and was not appreciated by people who live on the surrounding roads. Mr Ball said Highways should have foreseen the potential problems in advance.

Wiltshire traffic engineers are working on adjusting the sequence of lights to ease congestion and improve flow.