Civic duties changed hands in Westbury last night as a new mayor was unanimously sworn in.

Mike Sutton will become the chairman of the town council and be mayor for the next 12 months, with Sheila Kimmins his deputy.

His first job as the new mayor was to chair a full town council meeting, where new plans for the old youth centre building were discussed as well as plans to introduce a town market and hopes to protect the historic listed building in the centre of town the Lopes Arms.

He said: “I think people are starting to feel energised by the town and I want to make sure that services coming from Wiltshire Council are properly integrated into the town without costs becoming unsustainable.

“We want services but we also want value for money. I want to continue the upward projection of the town and make it a great place to be.”

He also thanked outgoing mayor Cllr Ian Cunningham for his work in the role.“I want to give thanks to the mayor for the last year. He has done a wonderful job,” he said. and forever in my memory will be you floating along the high street in your Christmas regalia enchanting the town, it was a very great spectacle.

“A lot goes on behind scenes and he’s been to so many meetings. It is hard work I don’t think any of us realise how hard it can be and has made sure a council with 14 strong minded people is running in the right direction.”