FAMILIES enjoyed a day of free fun and entertainment at the Trowbridge community festival which was put on by staff and children at The Mead School in Trowbridge over the weekend.

The event’s theme was citizenship and celebrated the many different ways we can express ourselves and the different things children and their families feel are important.

Organiser Mel Jacob said: "It really was a community affair with everyone joining in with everything which is what we were hoping for.

"It was busy for the whole day with lots of families there and we were thrilled with the attendance.

"We had so many tents and workshops which children and families loved.

"I think the favourite amongst the children was the tent where they could find out where there food came from so there was chickens, and different vegetables to taste and they could have a go at milking the cow.

"The cow was definitely a big hit with the families and especially the children.

"We also had circus shows and lots of things to do with recycling and the environment and the talent contest went really well.

"The winners were lip syncing to the Greatest Showman, it was great fun.

"The children from our school parliament also conducted their own question time with MP Michelle Donelan and town councillors Steve Oldrieve and Bob Brice which was a real debate.

"Very trickey questions were asked, such as what does Brexit mean for our school, what are you going to do about homelessness in Trowbridge and how are you going stop plastic pollution in the ocean.

Next years event is already being planned for the summer of 2020.

Ms Jacob added: "As a school we put on a community day every year and next year will be Olympic themed year.

"We have been doing the Trowbridge community festival for about 12 or 13 years now."