EVER wondered how the other half live - or more specifically, how much their houses cost?

We've consulted property experts Zoopla to find out the five most expensive streets in Trowbridge and how much they estimate a house on one of them could cost. 

While the average price for a 3-bed house listed on Zoopla in the town is £254,827, there are also some eye-wateringly priced pads for those with the deepest pockets. 

The average price in Trowbridge's most expensive streets is getting on for three times this price.

According to property buying site Zoopla, these are the most expensive streets.

All street view images are for guidance only 

Highest value streets for property using Zoopla's 'Zed Index' - and average estimated price.

1. Wingfield, Trowbridge BA14 - £779,358

Though not quite a specific street, Zoopla defines the most expensive area as Wingfield, in the area around the A366 to the west of town.

This incorporates some of Wingfield Road on the western edge of Trowbridge.

The most expensive house in this area is worth an estimated £1.31 million, and is a farm house.


2. Westwood Road, Trowbridge BA14​ - £754,144​

The most expensive house here is estimated at £1.15m.

The detached house, with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, last sold in 2008 for £760,000.


3. Vicarage Lane, Steeple Ashton, Trowbridge BA14 - £725,322

The most expensive street here is estimated at £796,000.


4. Albany Close, Hilperton, Trowbridge BA14 - £720,126

The most expensive house on this quiet street is estimated to be worth £889,000.

That would mean it has risen in price by about £650,000 in just over 20 years.


5. Leigh Road, Holt, Trowbridge BA14 - £699,661

The most expensive house on this quiet street is estimated to be worth £1.56m - the farm house has 6 bedrooms.

Highest turnover streets

In addition to the most expensive, Zoopla has also rounded-up the streets with the highest turnover - ie the ones where houses go up for sale most frequently.

That is worked out by dividing the number of sales over the last 5 years (excluding new build properties) by the number of homes in a given area.

The 5 highest turnover streets are:

  1. Allen Road, Trowbridge BA14 - 70.6%
  2. Lockeridge Close, Trowbridge BA14 - 66.7%
  3. Bythesea Road, Trowbridge BA14 - 66.7%
  4. Vinescroft, Staverton, Trowbridge BA14 - 64.7%
  5. The Brambles, Trowbridge BA14 - 63.6%