SHEER Music who organise and promote live concerts at Trowbridge Town Hall and other venues across the county are celebrating 15 years in the business with an anniversary gig.

A variety of acts and bands will play at their Sheer and Loathing in Trowvegas concert on October 19 at the town hall from 3pm.

There will be performances from Jezilyn Martyn, And Alice, Dan/The Shudders, Mark McCabe, Big Massive Orchestra, Louise Distras, Weatherstate, Smokin' Donuts and itoldyouiwouldeatyou.

What started off in 2004 has blossomed into a full-time hobby for principle promoter, Kieran Moore.

He said: "To mark this achievement, Sheer have invited a set of all-new musicians to Trowbridge for all new experiences.

"These are some of the best, most exciting and newest acts on the UK scene, and will be all over the UK festival circuit this summer, and some of the best local musicians we have to offer.

"The event name is a parody of the classic Hunter S Thompson book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

"Subverting the colloquial name of Trowbridge, and hopefully creating something to put our town firmly on the live music map, and to be proud of.

"We chose the fantastic surroundings of the Town Hall, because of it’s recent history of quality live experiences, and unusual rooms and beautiful setting, all lending itself to a unique experience.

"Lastly, for fun we encourage everyone to dress up in hideous and loud Hawaiian shirts, or any imagery from the film

"Giant Lizard, anyone?"

Sheer Music have pulled off a total of 453 concerts over the past 15 years and celebrated it's 10th anniversary in 2014 with a similar anniversary gig which attracted crowds in their hundreds.

Since then Mr Moore has gone onto promote concerts in Devizes, Swindon, Frome as well as Trowbridge.

These have included gigs of all styles of music including rock, acoustic and opera.#

Mr Moore hopes to continue to host and promote all types of live music concerts in the coming years.

Tickets for Sheer and Loathing in Trowvegas are priced at £15 in advance, and go on sale next Thursday June 27. Tickets can be purchased via Trowbridge Town Hall Arts and at