CLOSING the toilets in Trowbridge town park will be an inconvenience for disabled people says one wheelchair user.

Trowbridge town council made the decision to demolish the block of public toilets after they learned it would cost over £50,000 to refurbish them.

Councillors explained that toilets in Castle Place, Wetherspoons and the Civic Centre will be open to the public, but some say these options are viable.

Tareen Mitchell said: “The pub loo has a heavy door to open with limited space to manoeuvre around and turn a wheelchair It is a noisy environment which affects sensory overload.

“The accessible loo in castle place is tucked behind the cafe and is only accessible in as far as ‘there are no steps’ again narrow corridor, small cubicle etc.

“Our town park is a beautiful green space that we should all be allowed to enjoy. It is a huge step backwards removing the toilet block. I accept they weren’t fantastic but they worked.

A spokesman from Trowbridge town council said: “The town council is aware that the public toilets in the Town Park were also not particularly easy to access, with heavy doors.

“The toilets in the Civic Centre are available most days and have excellent accessibility. There are a number of other facilities located close to the park which have variable accessibility.

“The public toilets in the park were closed because the council could not guarantee the safety of the public using them, and has now been satisfied that a number of alternative facilities are available close by which enables the public toilet block to be demolished, saving the council tax payers additional expense whilst ensuring facilities are available.”