WESTBURY Netball Club is on the look-out for new players after launching a new summer initiative to encourage women to play.

The club's two teams – Wildcats and Wolves - have had a successful season competing in the local Moonraker league.

Chairwoman Michelle Coles said: “We have particularly enjoyed seeing so many new players join us this season and hope to attract even more over the summer.”

The club has just launched ‘Back to Netball’ sessions to attract beginners and those who haven’t played for a while.

The sessions will be held at Matravers School on Monday evenings and will run for six weeks starting on June 17. They are being supported by the Wiltshire Netball Development Officer.

After six weeks, all players regardless of ability, will be invited to join the club, if they’d like to carry on training, and will also have the opportunity to play in matches.

When Tracy Middleton joined the club she hadn’t played netball since school 23 years ago.

She said: “ I was really worried I wouldn’t remember the rules. I also felt a bit daunted joining a proper club, but everyone was so friendly.

"I was very rusty at first but I gradually improved, and now play for the Wildcats team. I love it!”

For more information about the Back to Netball sessions, please contact westburynetballclub@yahoo.co.uk