FAMILIES from all around Trowbridge came out to take part in Holbrook Primary School's second annual scarecrow trail over the weekend.

A record number children's story book themed scarecrows were spread across the Holbrook area of town.

Classes at the school have worked on creating some of these scarecrows over the past few weeks. Other scarecrows were made by families of the pupils.

The event organised by the school's PTA raised a total of £870 which will pay for a theatre company to perform a pantomime at the school this Christmas.

Chairman of Holbrook Primary School's PTA, Vicki Barton said: "It is such a lovely feel when you are walking around the scarecrow trail.

"You see people speaking to each other who perhaps wouldn't normally socialise and you see groups of families get together and walk round the trail, so there is a real community feel to the whole event.

"The children take such great pride in trying to find the scarecrow which they made in their classes as they have no idea where any of the scarecrows will be.

"You can hear the excitement of the children when they do find their own scarecrow.

"This is something that everyone really enjoys and we want to make it an annual event.

"We are also trying to be more green with all of our events by minimising single use plastics by filling up reusable cups rather than giving out plastic bottles."

"We are so pleased with the amount we raised as it is enough to cover the pantomime performance which the children will love near Christmas, it will be a real treat.

"The teachers are planning on making the performance part of their lessons over the entire week, there will be lots in store."