ELDERLY people who are looking to move from rented homes which are too large for them to cope with into bungalows are being left disappointed because a housing association is selling them on the open market, says one tenant.

Lesley MacPhie who lives in Loddon Way, Bradford on Avon is concerned that Stonewater Housing are selling bungalows to get them off their hands, instead of holding on to them for elderly people.

The government says older people should move into bungalows for their own convenience and safety, which would also mean larger homes in the social housing sector would be more readily available for young and growing families.

Mrs MacPhie feels this is not being mirrored where she lives.

She said: “I noticed this was happening when one of my neighbours passed away and his bungalow was sold to a young man.

“Since then more bungalows have been put up for sale and people of all ages have been enquiring.

“A young family were just asking me about the bungalows on our street the other day.

“There are elderly people who can’t manage stairs and want to downsize but there is nowhere for them to go.

“The housing companies need to cater for the elderly.

A spokesman from Stonewater Housing said: “The bungalow in Loddon Way that was sold in 2016 on the open market was not subject to any Section 106 government restrictions that might require that it be sold to an older person.”

Stonewater were also asked if other bungalows sold by them in the road recently were under government restrictions, and replied they were not.