Bradford on Avon: Emergency structural repairs will take place at Ilford Manor Gardens in a bid to prevent further damage from being caused by foundation movement. Westwood Parish Council did not raise any objections to the works.

Historic England is in support of the work and a spokesman said: “While the works being proposed are extensive, we agree that given the on-going problem with the site following the identification of shallow foundations, the continued and extensive cracking and stability issues and the thorough and detailed assessment provided that they are required in order to ensure the long term preservation of this important building within the Peto garden arrangement.”

Warminster: A bid to turn a former salon into a flat has been refused. Planners ruled that the owners had not attempted to market the business, that used to be a salon on Boreham Field, to other companies. The unit has been empty since 2017 and currently has one flat above it. The owner Mr Rishi had planned on making the shop a flat as well. Officers said the owner had not considered possible noise pollution for future tenants because the it is located in between two other shops.

A Wiltshire Council planning officer said: “The applicant failed to provide information that the proposal would be an acceptable form of development and would not harm the living conditions of future occupants of the proposed ground floor flat in terms of noise pollution. The proposed development is therefore considered to conflict with Core Policy 57 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy.”

Marlborough: The Woodland Trust has objected to a plan to build a log cabin style office room and meeting space at Postern Hill Lodge, however it has been granted permission by planners. A Woodland Trust spokesman said: “The Trust objects to this planning application on account of the potential detrimental impact to the adjacent ancient woodland. Due to the constraints of the site boundary, it is not possible to adequately protect Hens and Briary Wood with a 15m buffer in line with Natural England’s Standing Advice.”

Marlborough: (Pictured Centre)Another step forward has been taken in the work being done to open a cinema in the town. The Former Chapel on The Parade and next door 2 The Manse has been given further approval to change the designs and to change use, meaning the former place of worship and the home can be used for entertainment and arts use. The cinema will have a cafe and bar area as well as being kitted out with all the soundproofing and alterations needed to build the cinema within the conversion. There has been high levels of support for the work from the community with the directors of the company planning on holding a wide range of screenings, from new blockbuster to classics. 18/0398/FUL

Lynham: A new house set to be built on Hedge end in Preston Lane, Lynham has been refused. Lynham Parish Council raised concerns about a discrepancy over marked boundaries in the application and called for it to be investigated before building work begins. Planners ruled that the design would create a “cramped form of development” and would cause harm to the character of the area. Officers also ruled that smells and noise coming from the Preston Lane Sewage Pumping Station could cause problems for homeowners.

Calne: Retrospective planning permission has been granted to Calne Leisure Centre in White Horse Way to fit two biomass boilers to replace two oil fired boilers. Council officers awarded permission after a site visit and confirmed that no noise complaints had been made.

Westbury: Plans to turn an empty shop into an NHS Dentists have been approved. The practise will have space for three dentists to work. Dumbledore Dental Care Ltd won the contract to run the NHS dental service in the town and had hoped to begin work at the site at the end of May. Dr Ashkan Pitchforth has permission to turn 6 High Street in Westbury into the new practise. A Westbury local spoke in support of the application and said: “It is great to see that, at long last, there is somebody interested in using this building. It has been empty for over 10 years, so brilliant news.”