PROGRESS is being made at the old Bowyers site in Trowbridge as the much anticipated proposals will be presented in the Autumn.

Innox Mills bought the derelict site in the spring of 2016 and said it would consult with the community and produce an exhibition of its proposals which are for housing, retail and leisure facilities.

After many hold ups the company has now said they should be ready to present their ideas with an exhibition around October with the view of submitting a planning application by the end of the year.

Tom Selway, spokesman for Innox Mills said: “We are just getting ready to conduct a round of early stage stakeholder engagement which will lead to a consultation period before our mayor exhibition.

“We are hoping to hold the exhibition around October or November time.

“We know there is huge interest in this and we are pleased it say it is now moving forward after there were some delays.”

Trowbridge mayor councillor David Cavill said: "I have raised my concerns in the past about the slowness of the development of the site and we have been asking why it is taking so very long and it felt like they were dragging their feet.

"I was assured that it was a big thing and takes a bit of time, so I am extraordinarily pleased that something is now happening.

"The building remains an eye sore and the sooner the plans are put into progress the better."

The 10-acre site and building which has been empty for over a decade has been the topic of debate amongst councillors for many years, with the late Graham Payne being one of the main people pushing for leisure and retail plans.