A RESCUE dog from Bath made a name for itself when he drank from Holly Willoughby's water glass on live TV.

Kai, a nine-year-old Alaskan Malamute cross Huskie, appeared on This Morning with Rachel Jones, from Bath Cats and Dogs Home, in a bid to find a new family for him.

The large dog helped himself to a drink when he discovered he could reach Holly's drinking glass.

Holly then praised Kai for his 'nice energy' when noticing his mismatched blue and brown eyes.

Rachel Jones, head of fundraising and communications at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, explained that while Kai is a large dog, now he’s older he doesn’t need as much exercise and said regular walks a few times a day would be perfect for him.

She said: “He’s really chilled out - an older boy with good health who is looking for his perfect retirement home.

"He’s lived in one home all his life and came in to us when his family situation changed.

“Sadly, he’s struggled in kennels since he came in three weeks ago and cries all the time so we bring him into our offices during the day as he just loves people.”

Bath Cats and Dogs Home takes in animals from all across Wiltshire.