GOVERNMENT officers have been forced back to the drawing board about how Wiltshire is divided and represented by councillors.

Public responses including parish council views, argued against plans on how best to carve up the South of the County.

New lines must be drawn to take into account population changes in Wiltshire. Each of the 98 wards will be represented by one Wiltshire Council councillor.

The Local Government Boundary Commission in charge of electoral wards accepted its draft "did not reflect that community ties between parishes" and reopened the consultation.

Cllr Richard Clewer has confirmed he will consult with councillors ahead of making a formal response.

He believes that one of the main reasons for the changes is due to public backlash against blending together Laverstock with Salisbury.

He added: "I think they risk significant problems for many villages particularly in the South West by trying to solve the one problem of putting Firsdown and Winterslow together. This has forced boundary changes in several other places.

"All parishes should look at the proposals and let the Commission know their thoughts, either way." I have concerns but I will be consulting with councillors before we give our submission."

People now have until July 29 to have their verdict on the new outlines.

Each divisions will have a population around 4,000 be represented by a ward councillor elected onto Wiltshire Council.