POLICE are appealing for information after a large number of vehicles were damaged in the Warminster and Westbury areas last night.

The incidents of mindless and wanton destruction happened between 10pm last night and 1am this morning.

A number of vehicle windows were smashed in several streets including Woodcock Road, Church Street, Highbury Park and Boreham Field as well as the surrounding villages.

Community co-ordinator PC Helen Daveridge said: "This is a completely mindless act which would have caused inconvenience and unnecessary stress for the victims, many of whom I am sure rely on their cars to get to and from work.

"We've received a large number of reports to date, and would urge anyone who may have seen or heard any suspicious activity in these areas overnight to get in touch as you could have information which could significantly help our investigation."

Angry owners called police after they woke up this morning to find their car windows had been smashed overnight.

Vehicles all over Warminster, Westbury, Westbury Leigh, Bishopstrow, Sutton Veny and Longbridge Deverill have been damaged by someone possibly using an air gun, air rifle or a nail gun.

Some owners are now appealing for anyone with CCTV cameras to help catch the yobs who committed the extensive criminal damage.

The sheer scale of the damage suggests that one person, or maybe one or more people acting together, are responsible for the crimes.

One angry owner posted a message on local social media saying: “It seems that someone has been busy smashing car windows in the Warminster/Westbury area overnight. I live in Longbridge Deverill and seven cars in a row had their side windows broken.

“My husband has just informed me that he has seen cars in Bishopstrow and Warminster with their windows smashed and someone at work told him that Westbury has also suffered.”

Helen Thomas, of Longbridge Deverill, added: “It seems to have happened all over the area. Mine was one of seven that I know of in Longbridge Deverill.”

“If this was the same person/people I would imagine that they have greatly increased their chances of being caught if we all put our heads together.

“If anyone affected would like to comment maybe we could find some CCTV footage etc. Worth a try anyway.”

Valerie King said: “My granddaughter had her car window smashed outside our house in Sutton Veny last night.”

Another said: “My grandad’s car window was smashed last night outside The Woolpack Sutton Veny. I’ve heard a few others were around Woodcock. “They are a hole in the window and then cracks so something has been smashed through the windows, any details if anyone knows would be greatly appreciated.”

Sharn Stacey added: “My mate’s car got her window smashed on The Dene and a car by St John’s School has a smashed back window.”

In Westbury, Andrew Skyrme said: “Westbury Leigh and Oldfield Park in Westbury were done too.

Someone else posted: “Driving down Woodcock Road and up Boreham Road this morning and noticed over half a dozen or so car side windows / rear screens put out. I cannot imagine their logic or what goes through their minds to do this.”

Kerie Robertson, in Westbury, said: “Westbury has been hit too. We had police knocking on our doors as we live near Matravers School, as someone had been shooting cars parked there.”

Fraser Sharp said: “Both my cars were done. Mine and my wife's. Police think it might be air rifle. I found a nail on my back seat. Nail gun?”

Heather Durbin said that vehicles by the Minster Church in Warminster and in Westbury were damaged.

In Bishopstrow, Natallia Goodway said: “There has been several cars damaged in this way in Bishopstrow (one of them is mine). Also several in Warminster.

“Police have been notified and they might have an idea of people that did this.

"These kids have nothing better to do on a Monday night and have no idea how this stupid behaviour of theirs affected families that been involved. Shame on them.”

Ali Reid added: “Unbelievable. My car was done by Esso in Warminster and police involved.”

Anyone who has had their vehicle damaged and hasn't yet report it should call 101.

Anyone who has further information which could assist our investigation should call 101 and quote crime reference number 54190066483.