Forced entry

THIEVES forced entry into a farm at Luke Street, Berwick St John, on July 2. They damaged a tractor and then stole five tractor batteries.

Prosecco stolen

A THIEF stole five bottles of Prosecco from a shop at The Square, Mere, at 8.59pm on July 2 after entering to buy alcohol and being refused service because he was drunk.

Dog bites walker

A MAN was bitten by an Alsatian dog while walking a bridleway near Hatts Hill at Semley at 8.46am on Thursday. The dog growled and bit the back of his right thigh causing a small laceration and extensive bruising.

Window smashed

A YOB smashed a window in White Road, Mere, on Thursday, July 4.

Building materials theft

TWO men in a red van stole paving slabs, cement and a wheelbarrow from a yard near the A350 at Semley Hollow, Littledown, on Monday.

Drugs bust arrests

POLICE have arrested people on drugs charges in Pound Street, Warminster, at 1.51am on July 2. They were found with cocaine, money and drug paraphernalia.

Beer nicked

A MAN stole beer from a shop in Thornhill Road, Broadway, Warminster, at 12.25pm on July 2.