A MECHANIC who put up with back and shoulder pain for years in his job has said his life has been turned around after discovering CBD oil.

Trevor Payne, 43 of Hilperton, Trowbridge admits he was beginning to have very limited movement and agonising pain after years of being in his physically demanding profession.

He was forced to take a cocktail of painkillers to get him through the day.

Mr Payne said: "I have a very high pain threshold but when you are consistently in agony it wears you down and it was making me extremely tired. The pain also affected my mood and left me feeling very miserable.

“I was wishing the days away so I could get some rest.

"I struggled a lot with everyday tasks the required me to bend down.

"It got a lot worse in the cold weather."

Since discovering CBD oil after one of his customers recommended it, he hasn't needed to take a pain killer in six months.

He added: "The benefits have been amazing. I just feel so much better – physically and psychologically.

“And it all happened so quickly. Within three days I was beginning to feel the pain ebbing away.

“I don’t feel toxic any longer and I am getting a much better quality of sleep.

"I have now reduced my dose from six drops to just two a day.

"I wish I had discovered it years ago.

My Payne's family have also noticed a difference in him since he started taking the CBD oil.

My Payne said: "I have four children, three of whom live at home and they have noticed a big difference in me,

"I used to really struggle which wasn't nice for them to watch but now they can see how much better I am doing in everyday life and in my demanding job as a mechanic."

Sativa is the UK’s leading medicinal cannabis and CBD publicly-listed group, spanning research, development, production and distribution.

Their product range is run under the brand name of George Botanicals which is headed up by managing director George Thomas – a 29-year-old entrepreneur with an extensive knowledge in the burgeoning field of medicinal CBD and CBD Oil.

Trevor now buys his CBD Oil from Somerset-based George Botanicals.

For more information visit: www.georgebotanicals.com