PROTESTORS in Bristol have been condemned by a Wiltshire Councillor who has accused Extinction Rebellion of deliberately disrupting commerce in the city.

Protestors say they will occupy Bristol for five days in a bid to raise climate change awareness.

On Monday a big pink boat was brought into the city centre and demonstrators carried out marches effecting roads and public transport.

However Cllr Alan Hill, who represents Calne South and Cherhill said Extinction Rebellion “inappropriate and wrong”

Speaking at Wiltshire Council's Children’s Select Committee meeting he said: “There are ways of lobbying and there are ways of getting things done but I personally believe that the sort of actions being taken to deliberately disrupt business and commerce in larger terms are inappropriate and wrong.”

Extinction Rebellion protested outside County Hall in Trowbridge earlier this year and have held demonstrations in Marlborough and Devizes over climate change.

Wiltshire Council acknowledged a climate emergency and has since set up a global warming and climate emergency task group that is due to meet again in September. Wiltshire Youth Union has also voted to investigate and raise awareness around climate change.