BILLY Bragg has spoken out in support of Chippenham Extinction Rebellion, who have joined thousands in Bristol as part of the 'Summer Uprising' against climate change.

Speaking on the video, singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg said: “You are not a single issue movement you are part of a much greater accountability matter alongside black lives matter, Me Too and alongside all of us who fought during the miners strike or rock against racism, you’re on the front line now.”

Watch Billy Bragg here:

Protestors say they will occupy Bristol for five days in a bid to raise climate change awareness.

On Monday they brought a big pink boat into the city centre and carried out marches effecting roads and public transport.

Jacques Tagholm, actions coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Chippenham, is camping in Bristol all week and even recorded a message of encouragement from singer Billy Bragg in support of the local group.

Jacques said: "It’s amazing! The atmosphere is something to behold, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. There’s music, workshops, talks and an entire kitchen to feed the rebels - the infrastructure is very impressive.

"I overheard someone say, ‘They’re hippies but organised’ which I see as a great slogan for big XR actions! I would recommend to anyone who’s got a spare few hours to come and experience the magic."

However Cllr Alan Hill, who represents Calne South and Cherhill said Extinction Rebellion's protest was “inappropriate and wrong.”

Speaking at yesterday’s Wiltshire Council Children’s Select Committee meeting he said: “There are ways of lobbying and there are ways of getting things done but I personally believe that the sort of actions being taken to deliberately disrupt business and commerce in larger terms are inappropriate and wrong.”

Chippenham Extinction Rebellion protester Myla Watts added: "Some people, even if they understand that we need to tackle climate change, they don't agree with XRs methods. To those people I would say that we are sincerely sorry for causing disruption - none of us would choose to do that - but what choice do we have?”