Attempted entry

SOMEONE has tried to force entry into a garage on July 8 ay 9.30pm in Ferris Mead, Trowbridge, causing damage to the door.

Belongings stolen

A FRONT door key, watches and jewellery were stolen from a house in Springfield Park, Trowbridge sometime between 12pm on July 5 and 2.40pm on July 8.

Valuable are taken

JEWELLERY and perfume were stolen from a house in Willow Grove, Trowbridge after entry was gained on Saturday morning.

Man is punched

A MAN was punched in the back following a road traffic collision in Victoria Road, Trowbridge on Saturday morning. He was left with a red mark and severe ongoing pain.

Car was seized

A CAR was seized in Polebarn Road, Trowbridge for having no tax or insurance on Saturday morning.

Bench is stolen

A WOODEN garden bench has been taken from the front garden of a house in Park Street, Trowbridge on July 14 in the morning.

Glass door broken

A ROCK was thrown at the front door of a house in Polebarn Road, Trowbridge on July 15 in the early hours. One of the glass panels was smashed.

Change scam

A VICTIM was approached by a woman who asked if she could swap a £10 note for two £5 notes in Market Street, Trowbridge on Saturday. The victim agreed and gave over a £10 note. The female has then given the victim £1 and left on a blue scooter.

Theft from shop

A MAN known to police has entered a store on County Way on Saturday morning and filled his bag with items and left the shop with out paying.

Honesty box theft

A HONESTY box at the front of a house in Frome Road, Bradford on Avon was broken into on Saturday afternoon.