CHRISTMAS came early for one lady living with a terminal illness whose wish it was to meet Father Christmas.

Mary Burden, 89 of Orchard Gardens in Melksham who was diagnosed with dementia and bleeds on the brain had her final dream come true after her daughter, Hazel Ackland arranged an evening of festivities.

After posting on social media to see if anyone could help her, she was overwhelmed by the response and many people came forward.

She said: "My mum really loves Christmas and has always talked about meeting the man himself.

"I was so pleased when Adrian Stacey offered to help. He and his helpers made mum's wish come true.

"Mum loved it all, everything from meeting Santa and the elf, the snow machine and having her favourite songs played including 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor' which we sing daily.

"The soft toys Santa gave her sit proudly on her bed. I cannot thank Adrian enough for doing this.

"Mum smiled all the time they were here and her little face shone when her favourite song was played.

"Dementia is a very cruel illness and there is not enough awareness of it.

"I'd also like to thank Ollie Higgings and Darcey Potter who also helped us.

Ms Burden's granddaughter, Amy Kerswell said: "It's so amazing to see a community come together and do such a wonderful thing. Gran's smile lasted all night.

"My gran is an amazing, kind and gentle lady and amazes me every single day.

"She always wears a beautiful smile and it's her smile that keeps us all going.

"Life has dealt her a blow with dementia and her bleed on the brain but she doesn't let it get to her. she's my inspiration and she's an amazing lady."