A DISABLED blue badge holder wants to warn other drivers after he was fined in The Gateway car park in Trowbridge despite having his badge on full view.

Leslie Docherty from Semington suffers with knee and shoulder problems after he was in an accident several years ago, and also has shortness of breath.

He was shocked to find a £100 fine come through the post and later discovered blue badges are not valid at the car park, meaning he should have paid the usual parking fee.

He said: “You would think that blue badges are accepted in a car park like this.

“It is only a tiny little six-inch square in the corner of a sign which say they are not considered. I am sure other badge holders will be caught out by this.

“I need my badge as I sometimes struggle to walk far as I get very out of breath.

“I think it is really bad that a blue badge means nothing in this car park, and I will try to avoid it in future.

“I just don’t want other badge holders to be fined like I was for not realising.”

The car park is owned by Smart Parking, who issued Mr Docherty with the fine.

The letter stated if he paid it within 14 days then the fine would be reduced from £100 to £60. Mr Docherty felt he had no choice but to pay the reduced fine.

He added: “I paid the fine as I felt forced into it. I didn’t know what else I could do.

“I just don’t want any other people to be in this position. The signage is completely inadequate.”

The Wiltshire Times approached Smart Parking for their reasoning behind not allowing blue badge holders free parking, but they failed to respond before our print deadline.