FIREFIGHTERS have been given new uniforms to fit all shapes and sizes, replacing old and bulky protective gear.

Shoes range in sizes and jackets have been tailored to give firefighters a better fit.

Around 1,000 uniforms will be given out to active firefighters across Wiltshire and Dorset with gold colouring and blue stitching to combine the traditional colours of the two authorities.

Chief fire officer Ben Ansell said: “New fire kit will be rolled out to operational firefighters.

“This is through significant investment and to tie together the blue Wiltshire kit with the gold Dorset kit. It has been well received so far because it is less of a one-dimensional kit.

“This one fits people’s bodies better and is available in all sizes. I recently was at a recruitment drive and there was someone with size four feet and somebody with size 17, they both could be kitted out fully.”

Cllr Bob Jones, chairman of the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and governance committee said: “This kit is replacing old kit that is worn and will now fit everybody across the board.”