A nine-year-old girl had 17 inches of her long locks snipped off to donate to a charity for patients who have lost their own hair.

As well as donating a large amount of hair to the Little Princess Trust, Aya-Rose Porter, of Silver Street Lane, Trowbridge, raised £239 through her sponsored haircut.

Richard Gardner Salon, where she had her hair chopped, donated £40 to the cause.

The Little Princess Trust uses real hair, donated by people like Aya-Rose, to create wigs for children and young adults who lose their hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses.

The St John's Catholic School pupil said: "I'm just really happy to be able to help children who are less fortunate than me."

The idea was incepted because her mother, Roxanne, also did the same thing when she was 10.

Roxanne said: "I'm so proud of her that she made the decision to cut her hair to help others.

"Ever since she found out I did as a child, she wanted to do it as well."

Aya-Rose has been growing her hair for around three years so she could donate it to this worthy cause.