A FORMER town clerk has slammed a decision to award large pay rises to the two most senior officers at Bradford on Avon Town Council as “disgraceful and shocking”.

Cllr Laurie Brown is now considering his options after walking out of the town’s full council meeting on Tuesday.

After the meeting, Cllr Brown said he was “appalled” the council’s resources committee had approved a £4,000 pay rise to town clerk Sandra Bartlett and a £6,000 increase to Ian Brown, whose job title has changed to director of operations.

He said the increases came on top of a £3,000 rise for Mrs Bartlett and a £5,000 rise for Mr Brown made less than two months ago. In total, the increases will cost the council £18,000 plus pension entitlements.

The decisions were taken in private session where Cllr Brown voted for Mr Brown’s increase and abstained on the vote for Mrs Bartlett’s rise. Having reflected on the situation, said he later regretted voting for Mr Brown’s rise.

In a letter seen by the Wiltshire Times, Cllr Brown wrote to council chairman Simon McNeill-Ritchie to complain about the increased cost but has still not received a response.

Cllr Brown said: “They should have been made as a recommendation to full council. Instead, the committee has already approved the decision.”

Cllr McNeill-Ritchie said: “Cllr Brown attended and took full part in both meetings. At the most recent, he advised that the growing responsibilities of Mr Brown were such that the proposed pay award was merited, a position he voted in favour of. Nor did he vote against the ensuing pay award to Mrs Bartlett.”

Mrs Bartlett did not make a comment to the Times.