STREETS in Trowbridge have been targeted for a summer clean as new councillors leapt into action to improve the look of their ward.

Last week new councillor for Drynham ward Andrew Bryant and Denise Bates carried out a community clean.

They took matters into their own hands after neighbours on their ward said dirty roads and streets was one of the top problems they were experiencing. Cllr Bryant said: "It was evident that some of the areas we tackled had not been addressed for a substantial period. As such, whilst there are urgent issues to be raised with Wiltshire Council it would be churlish to ignore what has become a blight on the Drynham ward."

The work comes at the same time as Wiltshire Council launched its Bin the Butt campaign to encourage smokers not to drop cigarette ends. In Wiltshire, 89kg of smoking-related waste is littered daily, equivalent to 588 wheelie bins per year.

Bridget Wayman, Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Waste, said: “Dropped cigarette butts are the most common form of littering in Britain; they’re an eyesore and also harmful to the environment. We spend £2.8m annually picking up litter, and a significant portion is spent cleaning up smoking-related rubbish. This money would be better spent on vital services, such as protecting the most vulnerable in our communities."

Martin Harvey of Hellicker Close, moved to Trowbridge from Bath three years ago and believes the roads are not as clean as the city. He said: “The main problem is people throwing things out their cars or dropping cigarette butts on the floor. It isn’t a nice place for children to walk."

While stocks last, residents can pick up a free pocket ashtray from the receptions at County Hall in Trowbridge; Bourne Hill in Salisbury; or Monkton Park in Chippenham. These pocket ashtrays allow smokers to effectively extinguish their cigarettes before disposing of the butts the next time they find a bin.