A VISITOR was welcomed to a local business full of history in Bradford on Avon this week.

Michelle Donelan MP had a tour of the Moulton Cycles site at The Hall by current director John McNaughton.

The Hall was the private residence of Alex Moulton and home to his iconic cycle company, Moulton Cycles.

Since Mr Moulton’s death in 2012 the site in Bradford on Avon has remained home to the company and the world-famous bikes.

Miss Donelan said: “Moulton bikes are an iconic local company which is till providing jobs and manufacturing in Bradford on Avon.

"They are just one example of unique products that Wiltshire makes and they came to the ‘Made in Wiltshire’ event that I organised a few years ago in Parliament.”

The Moulton Bikes offices, small workshops, factory and The Hall itself are a homage to Alex Moultons passion for engineering.

The bikes are meticulously constructed by a highly skilled workforce, some of whom have been with the company for over 50 years.

Each bike is put together to a high standard of engineering.

The extensive residential property and the grounds surrounding it are a stones throw from the town centre.

The site is now owned by the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust and they have taken on the obligation to preserve it and its rich history for generations to come.

There is a program of summer fundraising and social events including open air cinemas to talks on Mr Moulton and his love of engineering.

For more information please visit https://moultontrust.org/one