RUGBY league came to town, as the West of England league finals were played at Trowbridge Rugby Club.

The Grand Final tournament pitted first place Reading Raiders against second place Somerset vikings to establish the winner of the league.

Somerset Vikings claimed the West of England Cup on August 3 after beating their rivals 26-18 and the players walked away with their winner's medals.

Dave Part, Reading Raider's secretary, hopes the sport will become increasingly popular in the UK, including Wiltshire.

He said: "With a World Rugby League Cup on the horizon, the game will be receiving a higher profile in all development regions.

"As far as I'm aware there are no plans to bring a rugby league team to Trowbridge.

"It was held in Trowbridge as travelling times for the two clubs were very similar and the facilities met the Rugby Football League requirements."

Rugby league has had professional players since 1895, making it far older than rugby union which only officially had pros in 1995.

It is also played with 13 players per team rather than union which has 15.