A CONSTRUCTION worker who suffers problems with his hip says he feels Bath RUH forgot about him as he wasn’t fed for 17-and-a-half hours.

Will Ockleshaw was taken into the A&E department in the early hours on Monday morning as ongoing hip and mobility problems worsened.

The 37-year-old remained on the trolley until the evening before moving to a a bed on a ward.

During this time he says he was not offered any food until he was given a bowl of ice cream over 17 hours later.

Once transferred to a ward, Will experienced further problems where staff had not been fully informed on his situation.

Will, of College Road, Trowbridge, said: “I received no food until I was moved to the other ward where I’d missed the evening meal so ended up having a small pot of ice cream having not eaten all day.

“The communication was terrible and the the second ward thought that I was fully independent and could mobilise. They hadn’t been told I normally move using two crutches.

“I was then told I couldn’t have any crutches as they can only be issued by a physiotherapist and they’d all gone home.

“Having been asked my usual medication I was given half the dose I would normally take.

“I feel as if I was put into a corner and forgotten about in A&E.

“I’d like to point out that the doctors and nurses on the second ward I was on were amazing. But having been an outpatient of the orthopaedic department since December I thought they may have taken the opportunity to have conducted additional tests to see if they actually find what’s wrong with me. Alas no, they didn’t.

“Having been in communication with the complaints department I’d have thought I may have received a call or something since being discharged but again I had not heard from them as of Monday.

“I want people to know what is going on there but hope they can improve so others don’t have to go through this.”

He has now been forced to stop working as a self-employed constructor due to the nature of his condition.

He added: “I cant get clearance onto a site whilst I still have to use crutches.

“I have been trying to get help for months but everything is taking too long.”

RUH trust director of nursing and midwifery, Lisa Cheek said: “We are co-operating fully with Mr Ockleshaw and have been in communication with him during his time in hospital and after his discharge.

“We are investigating and verifying his concerns and are in the process of arranging a meeting with the appropriate clinicians which we hope will resolve his complaint.”