THE team at Wiltshire Heights brought all the fun of a Caribbean Carnival to life last week after residents had been busy making outfits and decorations.

An indoor parade took pace as the residents and staff wore tie dye t-shirts and hats with an assortment of feathers, fabrics and glitter.

There was lots of dancing singing around the corridors of the home making it an all-inclusive experience.

The event continued with a Caribbean lunch of Spicy Jerk Burgers and Pulled Pork, finishing off with pan cooked Pineapple and Cinnamon cream.

The food was washed down with a fruity rum punch served by the Pirates of the Caribbean otherwise known as the catering team.

Libby Miles, client services manager said: "Everyone really enjoys putting these events on for our residents.

"It’s great to transport them somewhere new or evoke memories for those who have been lucky enough to have visited the area."