A series of advice workshops are to be held over the next three months for canal boaters in need of help.

They are being organised by the Bradford on Avon Community Area Network using donations raised through the Floaty Boat Fund launched seven months ago.

The organisers are planning to attract interest and sign ups from canal boaters at the forthcoming Summer Floating Fair on Saturday and Sunday August 31 and September 1 in Bradford on Avon.

The fund has a current balance of £2,452 available.

Giving an update on the fund to Bradford on Avon Town Council's Community and Recreation Committee, Council Leader Dom Newton said: "The FBF are committed to delivering a series of high-quality workshops engaging individuals from the boating community to achieve the overall mission of the FBF – ‘to enable folk to reduce the likelihood of reaching crisis point’.

"All workshop attendees will have the opportunity to take away low-cost materials to carry out basic maintenance following the courses (eg fire rope, putty, fuel filters, oil etc).

"The workshops are to be accessible to all, and therefore will welcome donations, but money should not be a barrier to attendance.

"The FBF have come across a few challenges with the workshops over the past three months and progress has been slower than anticipated.

"Due to the itinerant nature of boaters it has been a challenge to time the workshops to take place over the summer months as boaters tend to travel further afield and we anticipated travel time may be a barrier to attendance.

"In addition, risk assessments, liability and health and safety considerations were all more complex than originally thought."

There will be two workshops on How to spot the signs of sinking on September 4, 6-7pm, followed by How to raise a sunken boat from 7pm – 8pm, both at Bradford Wharf Services.

In addition, there will be a talk on Stove Safety with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Services, on September 24 at the Black Horse Devizes, on October 29 at the Lock Inn in Bradford on Avon and on November 26 at the Cross Guns at Avoncliff.

A talk on Basic Engine Maintenance is also being arranged.