AN ACCOUNTANT from Corsham has been named a world record holder after travelling from Land's End to John O'Groat's, on an electric unicycle, in under 12 days.

Edd Stone, of King's Avenue, completed the mammoth journey on his personal transporter in just 11 days, 19 hours and 13 minutes, earning him a Guinness World Record.

The 31-year-old, who works at Purple Lime, averaged 80 miles a day as he witnessed all that England and Scotland have to offer.

He said: "It was amazing to see how people, attitudes and environments changed as I moved up the country.

"In fairness, the old saying that people from the north are friendlier is probably true.

"It was also strange to be in rural countryside at the beginning of the day, and then in a city centre by the end.

“I always like to challenge myself to do something different. When I got my unicycle about a year ago, I immediately thought what could I do which was the most ridiculously long journey I could think of?

“Initially I didn’t think it would be possible to do it however with careful planning I was able to work out a route and I set off. The unicycle is so addictive – it’s just an amazing way to travel.

"Honestly, it's probably the best holiday I have ever had."

As his unicycle needed to be charged overnight, Edd planned his journey with AirBnB stopovers as well as regular B&Bs along the way.

Edd's electric unicycle can travel up to 35mph, which helped him deal with some of the 'terrifying' hills he traversed in the Lake District.

His journey was almost cut short when his only unicycle charger broke, near Bristol.

Edd luckily managed to find help from local people who got him back up and running.

Edd’s colleague Angela Ashworth, co-founder of Purple Lime, said: “We’re so proud of Edd, we all know he’s a bit mad when it comes to personal challenges. Last year he kayaked from Bristol to Woolwich for St Peter’s Hospice in Bristol during his holiday, so frankly we were not at all surprised when he said he was going to unicycle across the country. He’s an inspirational man who doesn’t believe in wasting a moment of his life.”

This latest challenge has seen Edd raise almost £1,200 for charity, of which he’s a trustee, Revival (Wiltshire Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre) based in Trowbridge.

Donations to this charity who provide counselling and more can be made at: