FAMILIES made their way to Lacock last night with high hopes of seeing Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

But fans only caught a glimpse of the set that Daniel was due to walk down as part of Warner Bros' production of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Scenes shot with the star are due to take place tonight and tomorrow, with heavy security in place to keep the public out.

The film crew has been stationed in Lacock for about a week to prepare for filming.

They painted a number of houses and put up brown tape on some properties to imitate wooden beams.

Residents in Church Street have been asked to black out their windows with blinds during the nighttime filming.

A giant light was set up behind Cantax House to flood the street in artificial moonlight and crowds gathered to watch what was going on.

A member of the film crew said: "The light will look like moonlight and it is made up of lots of smaller lights inside to give that strong effect.

"People keep trying to guess what it is and what is going on."

It is thought that the bridge outside Cantax House was due to be flooded for the scene in which Harry Potter arrives looking for a new wizard tutor.

Potter fan Joshua Lye, 13, who lives in Corsham, came to the National Trust village last night.

He said: "I have read all the Harry Potter books and watched all the films and number five is my favourite.

"I think that the scene they may be shooting here is one where Harry goes looking for someone in one of the houses."

Scenes are due to be shot from 5pm until 5am each day until Saturday morning.

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