TROWBRIDGE is in line for a £7 million windfall which will breathe new life into the town, after being shortlisted for major Government funding.

The listing means that the town is guaranteed to get up to £150,000 to develop its bid, making plans to spend the final grant on improving traffic, encouraging walking and cycling by improving access, upgrading Castle Place and the Town Hall, and an assessment of development potential around Court Street and Castle Street.

If its bid wins, the town will be eligible for up to £7 million of capital investment to spend on infrastructure, housing and work spaces, after Wiltshire Council bid for this figure.

The money will come from the Future High Streets fund, a £675m central government fund covering towns and cities throughout England.

Trowbridge mayor David Cavill said: “I think if we do get a substantial amount of money it will be so great for the town.

“Trowbridge does deserve this funding, it is a very vibrant town and is not given the status in Wiltshire that it deserves.

“We really do deserve this crack of the whip and I hope the money will be spent wisely and to everyone’s advantage.”

Edward Kirk, president of the Chamber of Commerce said: “Anything that we can possibly do to regenerate the town is very positive.

“The key thing will be what we can do with those big shop units and whether we can do anything to make them smaller and try and get traders in there.

“At the moment there is just not the demand for big retail spaces, there is only the demand for the smaller units.

“It will also be great to look at traffic flow and what we can do to make the town more shopper friendly.”

Town Hall Arts director David Lockwood has been hoping the town’s bid for cash would be successful at the first stage.

He said: “This is potentially transformative for Trowbridge. We’ve been working closely with colleagues at Wiltshire and Trowbridge Councils to work out how the Town Hall can fit into plans to revitalise the town centre.

“This funding can enable the Town Hall to once again be a vibrant and vital part of civic life, supporting us to fully restore our crumbling building and make it fit for the 21 century.”

Philip Whitehead, Wiltshire Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development said: “This is wonderful news that the county town of Wiltshire has been shortlisted for major funding.

“Trowbridge is a historic town which has immense potential. This funding will allow us to invest in major projects that improve Trowbridge for residents, businesses and tourists alike.”

As the bid has been shortlisted the Government will now release some initial funding to help develop these proposals in more detail.

At this stage there will be a full consultation with businesses, the community and key stakeholders.

Communities secretary Robert Jenrick MP said: “Town centres and high streets are at the heart of local communities.

“Our plan to help the high street evolve and thrive involves investing £1 billion in transformative infrastructure, town centre housing, workspaces and culture. Trowbridge has the potential to be front and centre of this approach, embracing technology, transport and culture to engage existing residents and visitors alike in new, modern connected spaces.”