MORE people are wanted to join the Armed Forces Committee to help organise next year's event after several members have decided to stand down.

Major roles including a treasurer and health and safety officer will now need to be filled.

Armed Forces Committee secretary Maryrose Mantle said: "In this day and age everyone is very busy so a few members who have been on the committee for a long time have given us notice that they will be standing down.

"We are really grateful for all the work they have done for us, and it would be really great to get some new people join us.

"If anyone feels they could feel those positions we would love to hear from them.

"No on would be left on their own, we all support each other here. We are only ever a phone call or email away.

"Nobody has to attend each and every meeting which is usually monthly because we understand the commitments we all have.

"If it was a role that needed to report then an email is fine as it will be read out.

"I've been on the committee since year one which was 15 years ago, 2020 will be our 16th year.

"I have learned so much, I've met so many interesting people as the history and stories people have to tell are amazing.

"Also the varieties of charities and traders that we have in is lovely.

"Armed Forces Day is to raise awareness and I think to be involved in an event that can do it so well and can interest so many different people is amazing.

"It appeals to all ages and you see the youngsters listening, it is great to be a part of."

For more information on joining the committee, please call 07866 698278.