LARKRISE school will be discontinued by August 2021 “at the latest” according to a new announcement from Wiltshire Council.

Although pupils will stay at the school building until it is “appropriate” for them to move to the proposed centre of excellence in Rowde, St Nicholas will no longer be run as its own special school for Chippenham, Larkrise in Trowbridge and Rowdeford in Rowde.

They will then be closed and special schools removed from both towns.

St Nicholas parent Melissa Loveday says parents feel frustrated and drained by the process of fighting the proposal.

She said: "It is a constant battle against them and we have spent months fighting the one school proposal which I still feel is fundamentally wrong.

"One talented teacher from St Nich's has already left because they can't commute to Rowde and we will lose more.

"I have just completed the consultation and think all parents should do so, I would be interested to see if parents are included at all executive board for this new school because they promised we would be involved."

Parents have been urged to take part in one final consultation into proposals to change how children with special educational needs are taught across the north of the county.

They have until September 30 to tell decision makers at the local authority their views on the proposal, that will see Larkrise, St Nicholas and Rowde schools shut down to make way for the school that will bring up an extra 220 school places.

Campaigners have spent the last year fighting and continue to try to keep special schools local. Marches, petitions and four hour long debates have all been held in a bid to save St Nicholas from being closed.

Cllr Pauline Church, cabinet member for children, education and skills said: "As the start of term begins we look forward to meeting with students, parent/carers and the community, so we can discuss the developing proposals for special school provision.

"We want to talk through the next steps in creating a happy and harmonious school across the three sites where diversity is celebrated and children and young people thrive."

Ian Gibbons from the council said: “The proposed closures and opening are put forward as part of the council’s overall strategy to create new special school places in the north fo the County for children with special educational needs.

“Wiltshire Council intends to discontinue the above three school with effect from August 31 2021 at the latest.

"Notice is hear by given that Wiltshire Council intends to establish a new maintained community special school with effect from September 1 2021 at the latest.”

Parents expressed confusion over what this means for their beloved local schools. While Larkrise, St Nicholas and Rowdeford will no longer exist, the schools could stay open in the towns under a central management team from the as yet unnamed Centre of Excellence.

Parent Donna Hamblin said: “As usual, there was never intention to be swayed. The decision was there from the beginning.”