CHIPPENHAM: (pictured) Permission for a shed that has already been built has been granted after planners were sent designs after building work had taken place. The shed at the home on West End in Chippenham has been approved. Officers said: “The proposal will result in no harmful impacts to the residential character of the locality or to residential amenity and will enhance the optimum use of the property and result in economic benefits through construction. The proposal is acceptable and in accordance with the development plan and so should be granted permission.” Parish Council added; “There is no loss of light, adverse affect on privacy or overlooking the only neighbouring property. The shed is totally screened from view behind a densely planted, mature, laurel hedge. The design, appearance and materials used in the construction of the shed render it attractive and in keeping with the property.”

MARLBOROUGH: Ben Paterson of Marymere Farm in Shalbourne has been given permission to fit a new roof on farm building. The former roofs, made of brick and including asbestos, will be replaced with steel profiled sheets.

MALMESBURY: Planning permission at Crendon House in Lea, Malmesbury, has been granted to build a ground floor extension.

MALMESBURY: A triple garage will be built in Angrove lane, Rodbourne. Following on from extensions carried out by the cottage’s neighbour, both the downstairs and upstairs will be made bigger , turning the “small cottage” into a spacious living area. Architects said: “The extension will contain a kitchen/dining room on the ground floor to replace what is currently two awkwardly placed rooms too small for an entertaining lifestyle. At first floor it will contain the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.” Consent was granted

WESTBURY: A planning application two build two four bedroomed homes has been met with shock by neighbours who said plans for a home and driveway onto Chalford would be “incredibly dangerous.” The plan to build the home on currently unused ground has been blocked by Wiltshire Council. Rachel Stroud of Warminster Road said: “are you being serious here – Chalford is already on a extremely busy road and heavy traffic and lorries thunder past at an alarming rate, any cars coming out of the driveway this plan is suggesting would be incredibly dangerous and could present all sorts of problems.” Westbury town council also objected not the plans and said: “Making a right turn out of the junction should not be allowed. The access on this stretch of road is poor and inadequate and we would discourage more traffic coming out onto a major stretch of road.”

BRADFORD ON AVON: Davis Moss chairman of charity of Ilford Arts has won permission to set up a range of temporary venues inside grounds of Belcombe Court. Usually held in Ilford Manor, this year the art event will be held at the new venue and will see music, artists and performer come to the area to showcase their talents. The events are currently ongoing until September 9. But not everyone Is happy and neighbours were split with some supporting and some raising concerns about noise elvels. A neighbour said that he moved to the area because to make sure it was quiet and fears that more events could be held at the venue that create load noise. He said: “When I moved to Bradford on Avon I chose this neighbourhood because it has always been quiet. Although the Application is, at this time, temporary we should expect that Belcombe Court will use it as a pilot for planning events for the future. In view of this we expect Wiltshire Council to exercise control over the frequency, duration and level of noise coming from the site when it is used for public entertainment.”

WARMINSTER: Permission for a previously refused extension of a home on Heytesbury High Street has now been granted approval. It was previously rejected because “The proposed development would be unsympathetic to the historic built form of the host property

and to the linear character of the terrace.” However changes made to plans mean that the two storey extension will be set further back and allow more of the existing west flank would be kept. The roof has also been changed to designs that are acceptable to planning officers.