A mother of three has complained to Wiltshire Council and her local MP after she and her children were put into a maggot-infested property.

Donna Edwards, says she can’t wait to move out after the council placed the family in temporary accommodation in Kingsbury Square in Melksham.

She and her three children - Lexie, 13, Hunter, 3, and Buddie, 2 - are having to live in a studio flat in the square until alternative accommodation becomes available.

But the family has found the entrance corridor to the warden-controlled building is infested with maggots whose presence is caused by a collapsed drain underneath the floor.

Mrs Sampson, 33, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting. There are maggots crawling all over the corridor downstairs.

“They are everywhere and my children and I have to walk through them when we go in and out.

“I don’t really want my kids living with this but at the moment we have got no choice.”

“My partner and I were renting a private property in Newtown in Trowbridge but the landlord sold it and we had to move out.

“The council has put us into this temporary accommodation but the whole family is sharing one room.

“We have been here a month and the place is infested with maggots. Every time we try to get rid of them, there are more. It’s not fit for the children - particularly the younger ones.”

Mrs Sampson, who has since separated from her partner, has complained to her local MP, Michelle Donelan, about the situation.

She has also asked Wiltshire Council to help find the family more suitable accommodation.

Mrs Edwards added: “This has apparently been going on for the past three years and nothing has been done about it.”

Despite cleaners sweeping the corridor as soon as they left maggots were once again appearing from cracks in the skirting board and around the front door.

Cllr Richard Clewer, Deputy Leader Wiltshire Council and responsible for Housing, Climate Change, Corporate Services, Asset Transfer, Arts, Heritage and Tourism said: “ We are sorry that residents have found maggots in the communal entrance to their block.

“We are aware that there is a collapsed drain and this seems to be the cause of the problem.

“We have a range of maintenance works scheduled to take place over the next six months and addressing the collapsed drain is included in those works.

“We will ensure that residents receive information about the works planned and when they will take place.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure residents that this problem is confined to the communal area only and does not affect their individual homes.”